RIP blog?

So, since doing my last post and thinking more and more about things… I realized others just aren’t into this blog as much as we are, and to be honest… we own the pictures, memories and stories that go on with the rogers blend.


Therefore, I am wavering on closing this blog down.


It just seems we only do this blog for ourselves and just a few others, not really sure of the number but it is very slim who we come to this site and even less comment on it. Our reason for doing this site was to share with friends and family on what we are up to and in doing so we hoped to have an open ended communication with those who like what were up to, are curious about how things went or just want to make a comment be it normal or extremely strange.

As I said, the blog has gone down on the list of priorities and if I am just doing this for a very select few… unfortunately, I need to reevaluate the worth of my time and the reciprocation we get from others.



I guess we will just see where this takes us!

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What’s been happening…

Well, first off… posting is hard for me to do! I am typically left to do this on my own and the wifey contributes most of the wonderful pics and all the editing that goes on with them. I now have to do quite a bit of prioritizing and the blogs I do have shown up lower on the “to do” list… not by choice necessarily but by importance. if you’d like to get a glimpse of the list, here it is:

1. Taking care of the boys (including Nesta), Heather and the house.

2. School

3. Myself

4. Entertainment… gotta have some sort of release, which is 100% of the time with the fam!

5. Blogs

Now, there are definitely things that are mixed in there in between but #1 & #2 are always in their positions and will remain there for the next year and a half.

In other words, we might be doing lots of slideshows just to keep you in the loop of what has been going on with the rogers blend in our oh so loved visual format.

So, without further ado, I give you another slideshow… again, some may be repeated. 🙂

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So, we, or should I say Heather, take a lot of photos! In fact, it gets too much for me to blog every time we do something fun and/or take cool pics!

Therefore, I am posting a slideshow of randoms from all throughout the past 6 months or so… ENJOY- (warning: some pics you may have seen before)

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Punkin Patch 2012

Another year at Craven Farms… that makes it Hudson’s (and our) third year going to this Pumpkin Patch. I believe we may have a tradition on our hands. This time the tradition was shared with our newest lil guy, Declan. He just loved being outside but you could get a sense of frustration, as he just wanted to run and play with his bro.

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Cougs game…

So, we were able to make it to the game after I had my first test in over 13 years… it was a test call ed the WEST-B, it is standardized test that Washington Educators must pass to be certified. I think it well but I won’t find out for a few more days. Luckily, I was able to come home spend a little quiet time with Heather, the boyz and Nesta. After that, we went to the WSU vs. Oregon game, IT WAS AWESOME TO BE ABLE TO TAKE DECLAN TO HIS FIRST WAZZU GAME… we actually didn’t do as terrible as what could’ve been. Oregon is in their own level of play and we are not even close, however we got rewarded with a good half of football. Before that, we did what all responsible moms and dads do, took turns in the beer garden as Hudson played football in the grassy field in front of the stadium. This was pretty cool to watch,as he was playing catch with some older kids. HEre are a few pics through the first few weeks of rooting on the Cougs and going to the game…

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Hudson’s first soccer practice-

So, this kid is absolutely infatuated with sports and soccer/futbol seems to be on the top of his list… Maybe it’s his Papa rubbing off on him or just the fact that he goes to more Sounders games than most Seattlelites do. Huddy loves his Sounders and does better than most adults do during a full game. Sure it may take some snacks for him but isn’t that true for everyone, it just may be beer instead of snacks. To add to his passion for soccer, he practices in the backyard constantly, be it dribbling/shooting by himself or working on making passes to one of us. In fact, I am not sure a day has ever gone by that he hasn’t touched a soccer ball in some way or form.

Yes, he is only 2 and a half but we knew where this was headed… Soccer classes/practices. Here are some shots of him at practice for his Kidz Love Soccer class.

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A bit of our September 2012

September has been quite an awesome month for the rogers blend but it has been quite difficult too. The weather has and continues to be great, which is something that we would never complain about but since losing every tree in our backyard due to a 216 home development, which makes us exposed to oh so much… being in our backyard has not been what it used to be. It was sad to see all the trees being taken down by the development but now that we have no protection or privacy due to our very own trees being cut, life is just not what it used to be!

Here are some pics of how we are combatting whats been going on at our house, in other words, pics of us getting out of the house…

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Declan laughing it up at 4 months

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Playin’ around…

So, we got a new toy… it’s for school and Heather added a couple of pretty cool apps to it.

Here is the result- (the random pics are from first Coug football game, Nana’s bday, a bbq at our house & Broden’s bday)

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Grammy’s House

We had one busy week, that included a lot of driving, a UHaul, piano moving and some fun times in Grammy’s house.At first we thought it would be easier to not bring the boys to Grammy’s but Heather wanted some pics of them at the house one last time and for Declan to see where his Mommy grew up. It was a whirlwind of a trip but well worth it and we were so happy to have those boys with us. Hudson loved running around the house and was constantly asking where Grammy was… Heather showed him that Grammy was always with him and in our hearts, which he decided to take it that she was in his neck. 🙂 Silly boy! Here are some of the great shots from Grammy’s house…

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