Soccer/futbol is back…

It’s that time of the year again, sounders & soccer often fill our days!




Some shots of the season opener… It was bittersweet, as the season has now started but it began with a loss. Mind you, it was the first loss that has ever occurred when both boys were there.


Someone got some new kicks… Sambas were a must for this soccer nut!


Hudson & Braeden taking a lil break while at practice. Hudson has absolutely loved having his buddy with him this year, however it does come with setbacks… They just get way too excited and it can be a bit much for lil doods this age to take instruction when they have just one thing on their mind… PLAY!!!!

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Hudson’s first soccer practice-

So, this kid is absolutely infatuated with sports and soccer/futbol seems to be on the top of his list… Maybe it’s his Papa rubbing off on him or just the fact that he goes to more Sounders games than most Seattlelites do. Huddy loves his Sounders and does better than most adults do during a full game. Sure it may take some snacks for him but isn’t that true for everyone, it just may be beer instead of snacks. To add to his passion for soccer, he practices in the backyard constantly, be it dribbling/shooting by himself or working on making passes to one of us. In fact, I am not sure a day has ever gone by that he hasn’t touched a soccer ball in some way or form.

Yes, he is only 2 and a half but we knew where this was headed… Soccer classes/practices. Here are some shots of him at practice for his Kidz Love Soccer class.

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A bit of our September 2012

September has been quite an awesome month for the rogers blend but it has been quite difficult too. The weather has and continues to be great, which is something that we would never complain about but since losing every tree in our backyard due to a 216 home development, which makes us exposed to oh so much… being in our backyard has not been what it used to be. It was sad to see all the trees being taken down by the development but now that we have no protection or privacy due to our very own trees being cut, life is just not what it used to be!

Here are some pics of how we are combatting whats been going on at our house, in other words, pics of us getting out of the house…

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Playin’ around…

So, we got a new toy… it’s for school and Heather added a couple of pretty cool apps to it.

Here is the result- (the random pics are from first Coug football game, Nana’s bday, a bbq at our house & Broden’s bday)

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Good ol’ Grimey artwork!


What boy or should I say kid doesn’t like to get their hands dirty?!?! Hudson is no exception to this rule at all. In fact, we often find him trying to get Dex in the mix, as he wants him to be his play partner oh so badly. The funny thing is that you can tell Declan is right there with Huddy and definitely wishes he was much more mobile and ready to participate. However, when Hudson gets in trouble for getting into too much, Declan is the first one to crack a smile. Big bro getting in trouble will even break him out of his own tantrum. This was not one of those times, this was a time where Declan wanted oh so badly to be a part of the fun.

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A Declan fix…

Just a pic of “goodness” aka Declan doing his thing in the pool. He has now rolled over both ways and is smiling quite a bit, getting so big so fast! We feel like he is already outgrowing his big bro at the same age, which is saying a lot cuz big bro is quite a tall dude!

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Slip slidin’ away…



So, Hudson totally dug going down this slide. Even with him doing tumbles at the end, he still wanted to go down it again. Unfortunately, he opened up a cut on his foot and his one and only attempt was all that he could do. We had to explain this to him and to our surprise there wasn’t much of a fight and an added bonus there was no crying due to the blood. This kid is crazy when it comes to getting hurt/falling down, there are definitely times where he should cry or get upset but instead just gets up shakes it off so he can go back to doing whatever.

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Beatin the heat…


A pic from a couple of weeks ago… This is how we cool off at the rogers blend house.Papa showed up to share in on the fun, while Nana was away on a girls weekend.

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2 months pics…

Just a normal day in our life and lil Declan is already 2 months old on this fine fantastic day!





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Zoo, again…

We just can’t get enough… So, we keep coming back!





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