Soccer/futbol is back…

It’s that time of the year again, sounders & soccer often fill our days!




Some shots of the season opener… It was bittersweet, as the season has now started but it began with a loss. Mind you, it was the first loss that has ever occurred when both boys were there.


Someone got some new kicks… Sambas were a must for this soccer nut!


Hudson & Braeden taking a lil break while at practice. Hudson has absolutely loved having his buddy with him this year, however it does come with setbacks… They just get way too excited and it can be a bit much for lil doods this age to take instruction when they have just one thing on their mind… PLAY!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Soccer/futbol is back…

  1. eluciqmama

    i usually get notified if you have blogged…and here i am not discovering this entry…geesh!

    i love huddy’s passion for soccer…it is adorable!

    that pic of Papa and dex is pretty darn cute too!

    the last pic is awesome and will be wonderful to share with huddy and braeden when they get in highschool…smiles!

  2. eluciqmama

    *now not NOT

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