Tiger Huddy…

So, I was doing some stuff in our bedroom today… for a little more than 5 minutes. During this time Hudson was doing some coloring at the table with his pens and a new coloring book.  I am listening to him and he is doing his typical coloring banter, nothing new, just jabbering away about what he is coloring and the colors he is using. Then, he starts saying something about a tiger and in this coloring book, I would not have that thought there was one in it but I went with it. In other words, I am just thinking he is coloring a tiger… I hear him get off his chair and come running saying, “Daddy, daddy I’m a tiger! I’m a tiger!” I am thinking he is going to turn the corner with his book in hand with a tiger colored. I was wrong…



(who isn’t feeling all that well, but still having fun!)

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Huddy…

  1. Mary Beth

    LOL Love it

  2. Nana

    Om my goodness… How funny!!!! Love it also…

  3. candice

    AWWW that is very cute 🙂

  4. this made my morning. we all got a kick out his cute tiger-ness! but those poor sick eyes! 😦

    thanks for sharing this…what a great funny story!!!!

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