Wow, it’s been over a year…

I can’t believe we have not posted in a year + a few days.  Well, we have been busy, so it kinda makes sense… that and we just decided to live in the moment more and not worry about posting to social medias for others.  We just really looked inside and are taking in as much as we can with our boys, juggling student teaching with school and of course Heather working long hours and being an awesomely supportive wife and mother.


We are so ready for our next chapter to begin and it will soon, just need to finish the one in front of first.


Here is a pic that embodies us and what is important to us…


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Soccer/futbol is back…

It’s that time of the year again, sounders & soccer often fill our days!




Some shots of the season opener… It was bittersweet, as the season has now started but it began with a loss. Mind you, it was the first loss that has ever occurred when both boys were there.


Someone got some new kicks… Sambas were a must for this soccer nut!


Hudson & Braeden taking a lil break while at practice. Hudson has absolutely loved having his buddy with him this year, however it does come with setbacks… They just get way too excited and it can be a bit much for lil doods this age to take instruction when they have just one thing on their mind… PLAY!!!!

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Some fun on the mountain…

and first time use with the go pro/iMovie combo.

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2012 Christmas on the coast… (set 2 of 2)

These are more shots of us enjoying all the families being able to get together, which unfortunately doesn’t happen enough. All the cousins loved being with each other and everyone was spoiled by all the fun, good eats & treats, gifts and most importantly the love that was shared! We were all very thankful that Papa was born on Christmas, it really made it so special to be able to celebrate those two events on the same day. I have always thought it would be difficult to be born on christmas but I think this is one of those times where Papa was filled with joy to born on it, as he had all his kids and grandkids under one roof!

christmas 9 christmas 14 christmas 10 christmas 8 christmas 5 christmas 4 christmas '12

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2012 Christmas on the coast… (set 1 of 2)

These are mostly just shots of us enjoying our surroundings from our oh so awesome 2012 christmas on the coast for Papas 70th!

christmas 3 christmas 12 christmas 13 christmas 7 christmas 11 christmas 6

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December fun…

This year we unfortunately weren’t able to continue a tradition which we were hoping to do for a long time… the Kids Gift Exchange.  We waited to long to send out an evite, December is a busy month and I am not sure of how much interest there really is… and that is okay!  Instead, we decided to just do a gift exchange/Heather’s bday celebration with the most gracious Clise Crew.  We were spoiled with tons of treats & eats!  It was quite a splendid time and hopefully we can get the whole group of kids together next year and just consider this year a hiatus, either way, it was a fantastic time!  No matter what the rogers blend/Clise Crew tradition shall continue!

Dec fun

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7 month pics of Dex…

Another month down and another photo shoot was had… and since it was near the holidays, why not add some extra holiday cheer into what was already going to be a super cheery pic, especially with this happy lil guy!

7 month santa dex

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The lights, the lights, the lights…

The festivities of hanging lights in the rogers blend household: 

The boxes were wrangled and the strands were untangled
A test was passed making sure each light would last
It was quite a merry time to hang the lights line by line
The boys excite filled eyes are searching for any surprise
Everything in sight caused so much delight!
lights2 lights3 lights lights4
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Tiger Huddy…

So, I was doing some stuff in our bedroom today… for a little more than 5 minutes. During this time Hudson was doing some coloring at the table with his pens and a new coloring book.  I am listening to him and he is doing his typical coloring banter, nothing new, just jabbering away about what he is coloring and the colors he is using. Then, he starts saying something about a tiger and in this coloring book, I would not have that thought there was one in it but I went with it. In other words, I am just thinking he is coloring a tiger… I hear him get off his chair and come running saying, “Daddy, daddy I’m a tiger! I’m a tiger!” I am thinking he is going to turn the corner with his book in hand with a tiger colored. I was wrong…



(who isn’t feeling all that well, but still having fun!)

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Oh, Xmas tree…

The tradition was picked back up this year… we took a hiatus due to my knee surgery last year. So, this year we went back out to Stocker Farms and cut down our xmas tree again, we did it for Hudson’s first xmas and this year we were determined to do it for Declan’s! It actually was much more difficult than we thought, mostly because a lot of things are more difficult having two kids. Here is a nice collage the photog put together.

christmas tree

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